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Why do I Love Toastmasters [?]

Sunday, 26 October 2014….

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Toastmasters International !
Breaking the Ice Since 1924!
It has been 90 years, Toastmasters International was borned in this world. Ralph C. Smedley, founder of Toastmasters International said that In Toastmasters, we learn best in moments of enjoyment and I proved that. It was about a year I joined in this fabulous club and at that time I didn’t realized that Toastmasters will influence my life in a lot of aspect.
When I decided to join in this club last year, I only think that Toastmasters is the place that will help me to improve my English and help me to sharpening my public speaking skill. But, my journey in Toastmasters proved that I got more than my expectation in this learning environment. Yeay, I fall in love with this club and I proud to be part of this big Toastmasters family, especially in Jakarta and in my club, Essential Toastmasters Club.
I just remembered when the first time I came to Essential Toastmasters Club and participated in table topic session, the topic master was TM Ratu Gumelar. She asked me to give my opinion about zombie, but I can not move my tongue and only said “I am sorry, I can not speak anything”. But, all the members were encouraged me to try and made me didn’t felt intimidated.
In Toastmasters, it is not only about public speaking, we learn how to be a good communicator and a good leader. That’s why the tagline of Toastmasters International is : Where leaders are made. The former of Toastmasters International President said that leaders have many important attributes, but the two fundamental and universal are confidence and communication. Toastmasters help us to elevate our communication skill.
So, how we can learn to be a competent communicator in Toastmasters?
In Toastmasters, there are ten projects in basic manual competent communication. Each project has the different objective. It is start from the Ice breaker project that will help us to conquer the fear and nervousness when speak in public. In next project, we learn how to organize our speech from the opening, the body, and the conclusion. Then, we also learn how to deliver speech using body language, vocal variety, and visual aid. In 7th project, we have to research the topic and speech materials and in the end of this project we learn how to inspire the audience. Actually, in the process of completing basic manual project, our confidence will be increased naturally. After completing all the project in basic manual competent communication, we will declared as Competent Communicator from Toastmasters International. And the next journey to be more competent in communication is the journey in completing the advance communication project.
How about the leadership project in Toastmasters?
Beside communication skill, we also learn how to be a good leader by completing Competent Leadership project.
We have to take a part in the Toastmasters organization whether in a club level, area level, or division level. To completing leadership project, I participated in a club organization as a Vice President of Public Relation. My duty is to make an invitation of the meeting, build relationship inside and outside Toastmasters and also to manage all social media of my club. Yeay, I am the person behind my club’s social media on Facebook (Essential Toastmasters), Twitter (@essentialtmc) and Web ( In this role, I learned how to manage social media to promote my club, because most of people get the information from the website. Beside Vice President of Public Relation, there are some position in club organization like : Club President, Vice President of Education (manage the education program of the club), Vice President of Membership (kind of Human Resource Development, manage the existing and new members), Treasurer, and Secretary.
Honestly, since joining Toastmasters in October 2013, I knew the essence of Competent Leadership Project after conducting the contest. It was about a month ago, I pointed as a Contest Chair of Humorous Speech and Evaluation Contests in Area Level (each area consists of about 5 clubs). At that time, I learned how to conducted the event from finding the venue and contest officers, budgeting, and running the contest itself. It was an unforgettable moment that I had! I learned a lot on how to build a good communication and relationship with people.
Both Communication and Leadership project are the main benefit that we can get in Toastmasters. As I mentioned before, I got a lot of positive things in Toastmasters that influenced a lot of aspect in my life. As a person and as a professional, Toastmasters helped me in developing my self. I learned how to be more responsible in any aspect, even it only small responsibility. I learned how to accept the input from other people and how to delivering the input to other people in a constructive way. I learned how to appreciate people. I learned how to build relationship. And the precious things that I got in Toastmasters are Networking and Family.
20141025_151719 20141025_103601

20141025_103801[With my best friends in Essential, the great speaker Stephen Fernando, and our beloved mom Ibu Mien]

20141025_152850[Essential Toastmasters Family]

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, my beloved Toastmasters !You helped people to grow for 90 years.
At Tachriirotul M.

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